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Copper Powder for Friction Products

Friction products include break pads and clutch disks used in automobiles, commercial vehicles, aircraft, motorcycles, trains and off-road vehicles, as well as many other industrial machines. Brake pads or drum brake linings help stop a moving vehicle, while clutches are used to initiate movement and cause a smooth acceleration of the vehicles. Break pads and clutch disks are generally known as friction products. Copper powder is used as a component of friction products to reduce wear and prevent scoring. The percentage of copper powder in friction products is usually less than 20%. Since copper powder acts as a lubricant, excess amount of copper powder will reduce the friction. Production of friction products is usually by compacting and sintering method or by resin bonding method.

Friction products may be made in two different methods.

Sintered Friction Products

Applications of these materials include brakes and clutches. They can consist of a mixture of metal powders including copper, tin, bronze, brass, nickel, iron, zinc and lead, along with a range of friction modifiers such as abrasives and solid lubricant. When sintered, the resultant metal matrix material achieves the desired balance of mechanical / frictional properties, heat conductivity, wear and corrosion resistance, low noise level and high temperature performance.

Organic Based Friction Products

Metal powders are usually added to organic based (non-sintered) friction products to increase heat conductivity, alter wear properties, provide smoother braking action and reduce brake squeal. provides many grades of copper, tin, bronze, brass and nickel to meet the needs of both segments of the Friction Products Industry.







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