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Copper Powders for Bearings

Spherical fine copper powder (micro spherical copper powder) and bronze powder are among the main ingredients of self-lubricating sliding bearings. Copper and bronze powders enhance the working characteristic of bearings while reducing the coefficient of friction.

Two of the copper products used in bearings are copper powders grades CU151 and CU165.

While many self lubricating bearings are made by sintering compressed powders, many others are made of plastic - metal mixtures.

Copper-polyethylene mixtures have been used for self-lubricating bearing applications. A composition containing 75% copper powder and 25% high molecular weight, high density polyethylene has exhibited good bearing properties.

The addition of bronze powder to PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) increases the hardness and compressive strength, improves dimensional stability, and lowers cold flow, creep and wear. Improvements are progressive up to a maximum of about 70% bronze. However, the addition of bronze makes the PTFE unsuitable for electrical applications and for applications in environments that are corrosive to bronze. Bronze-fortified PTFE is used for self-lubricating bearings, compression rings, cup seals, rod seals, valve seats and liners.


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