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Copper Powder uses

This is a simple guideline for selecting copper powder products based on the application.

Bearings - CU165 and CU151 are recommended for blending with tin for the production of bronze self-lubricating bearings. More Details

Structural Parts -CU165, CU151, CU201 and CU301 are admixed with iron powder (2-10%)to improve strength and mechanical properties. These powders are also used to produce bronze and other alloy structural components.

Injection Molding - CU635 is specifically designed for parts produced using MIM.

Friction Components - CU151 is used for aircraft and other braking systems. It is also used for automotive and industrial “friction” components and applications.

Electrical Parts -CU185E is the industry standard for yielding high strength parts with excellent conductivity. Additionally CU635 offers high purity and is specifically designed for injection molded parts.

Carbon Brushes - CU41 is engineered for carbon brush tamping applications.

Abrasive Wheels - CU165, CU151, CU201 and CU301 are used as a matrix-bonding material for diamond and other abrasive wheels and cutting tools.

Chemical Formulations - CU165, CU151, CU185E, CU101, CU201 and  CU301 are widely used as catalysts in chemical formulations and for the production of copper compounds.

Thick/Thin Films - CU7005F is used for conductive coatings and conductive inks.

Some useful data regarding Copper:

Atomic Number 29
Atomic Weight 63.54
Specific Gravity 8.92
Melting Point 1083C(1981F)
Boiling Point 2595C(4703F)
Thermal Conductivity @20C 0.941cal/
Electrical Resistivity @20C 1.6730 micro ohms/cm

Copper powders are used in many different industries for many different applications. Following are some examples of the Copper powder uses:

Copper powder applications include

  • powder metallurgy (PM)
  • metal injection molding (MIM)
  • friction components
  • thermal management
  • diamond cutting tools
  • lubricants
  • carbon brush
  • coatings
  • catalyst
  • brazing paste

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